Things to do before I turn 25

  1. Start reading books again.
  2. See the world, what lies beyond South India. Live for sometime on the other side.
  3. I always think inside my mind continuously. If you think I am silent, you assumed wrong. I am talking to myself. I really hope to change it.
  4. I turn into a wild party animal when I am alone. Where is the heck is that beast when I need it at real parties?
  5. Grab a guitar, preferably nylon strings. Learn it during spare time.
  6. Get a smartphone, just so that I can read e-books for free. Which in a way aids Resolution #1
  7. Stop controlling my life, and let go for a change. Say yes to everything (yea, as in “Yes Man” the movie)
  8. And that brings us to…. stop watching so many movies! We all realise at the end of the year, there was just 2 movies worth remembering. Why bother?
  9. Sail to an island. Climb a mountain. Jump of a cliff.. I am  done with roadtrips. I need the X-factor (read, excitement).
  10. When I was at school, I never judged people (Silly, innocent me). Then, I realized people do that all the time. Find more friends who don’t judge me. Then I could be back on my don’t-give-a-f attitude.
  11. The problem with Cable TVs is that I keep channel surfing, even after midnight; in the lame hope, that there is something better than “sleeping” on the next channel. Should learn to turn it off.
  12. It took me forever to realize what an amazing people my family had been. All these years, I was unhappy about a not-so-happening childhood, when actually they were trying to give me a normal childhood, away from their worries. I promise to give back.
  13. Meet someone special, who could think on their own, and also who don’t -giva-a-f to go places on their own.
  14. Inspire someone, probably a younger someone. Help them out find their destiny.
  15. And give and share unconditionally… as if I got millions to spend.